Kawach 6th November 2016 Full Episode 43

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Telecast Date: 6th November 2016
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Buoyant makes Pari slip on worker conveying juice. Juice falls on Kunal. Kunal hollers at Pari. Joly in Rajbeer’s body takes Kunal out to change his dress. Bharath shouts at Pari to go and remain in her room and not demolish his child’s enagement. Rajbeer takes Kunal out towards toilet. Kunal says he will go alone at this point. Rajbeer tosses soil on him and snickers that he is messy absolutely now. Knal indignantly tries to hit Rajbeer. Chipper leaves Rajbeer’s body and beats Kunal. He hears individuals coming, covers Kunal in ground and clears out. Pari watches everything stowing away. She expels mud and gets Kunal out of ground and asks how can he know Jolly. He frenzies and falls oblivious. She surges him to healing center and requests that doc treat him first. Doc takes him to ICU, turns out and says Kunal

went into extreme lethargies. He asks how did the mishap happen and in the event that she educated police. She says no.

At Rajbeer’s home, after Vikranth and Sayoni’s engagemnt, Amal says engagment went well. Ranveer holds hhis sholder firmly in lieu of embracing. Amal says his hold is great. Vikas comes and says even Kunal is missing at this point. Prior Santosh went saying there is an issue at office and now even Kunal went to help him, yet when I called office, everything is typical there. Dapper in Ranbeer’s body jokes when of marriage even they both may vanish. Vikas asks what does he mean and smoke. Pari enters and says it is the ideal opportunity for celerbation and offers it to everybody. Ritu hollers she generally come here forcefullly even subsequent to being a visitor. Pari says she is correct, she is a visitor insead and stuffs laddoo in her mouth.

Pai goes to her room and thinks hoow to educate Vikas and Amal about Jolly and him attempting to execute Vikas and Santosh. She enters toilet through window. Ritu enters with Vikas and Amal, Bharath, and Natasha. She sees Pari and shouts she generally come here to make inconvenience in their lives. Vikas inquires as to whether she came to take. Pari says no and thinks on the off chance that she educates them concerning Jolly and what he did with accomplices, they won’t trust her and even Jolly will realize that she comprehends what he is doing. Natasha tells that Pari is Rajbeer’s first spouse and dependably tries to make issue. Vikas inquires as to why did not they conceal that Pari is Rajbeer’s first spouse. Ritu says this is thing to be told about and apologizes. Bharath shouts at Pari that he hold her not to inconvenience in his child’s marriage. Pari keeps running from that point.

Amal supplicates symbol in latrine and hears a peculiar sound. He gets anxious. Rajbeer comes and holds his shoulder from behind. Amal says he unnerved him. Rajbeer says let us go to food provider. Amal says he will give prasad and return. Rajbeer demands. Amal says he will change and return 10 in. Rajbeer says just 10 min.

Ritu in her room chooses dress to wear in sangeet. Pari comes and drops water on dresses. Ritu yells how could she is to ruin her dresses. Pari says she came to give her something. Ritu giggles what she can give. Pari says Rajbeer, she can attempt to get Rajbeer this evening on the off chance that she can and regardless of the possibility that she tries entire life, she can’t. Contention follows. Pari inquires as to whether she recognizes what her sort of ladies are called. Ritu furiously tries to slap Pari, Pari holds hand and slaps her. Ritu calls Rajbeer. Entire family enters. Ritu gripes that Pari slapped her. Pari says Rajbeer he can Ritu itself, why she is attempting ot bait Rajbeer and get him and requests that Rajbeer tell regardless of the possibility that she tries entire life, she can’t. Rajbeer requests that Pari go. Ritu begins baiting Rajbeer and Jolly in him smolder. Ritu proceeds with her dramatization. He furiously holds her neck and seeing Sayoni coming there stops. Sayoni inquires as to whether they saw Amal and takes off. He goes about as spoiling Ritu and leaves from that point.

Amal sits tight for Rajbeer close parking area. Pari calls him and says on the off chance that he needs to recognize what happened to his accomplices, he whould come to City doctor’s facility at this moment and bring Vikas along. Amal goes alone and exhaust seeing Pari in hospitala nd yells. Pari requests that go along before Jolly observes them and takes him to Kunal’s ICU room. Amal is stunned to see Kunal in trance like state. Pari asks him how he knows Jolly and educates her everything the occurrences happened and how Jolly inconveniences him. Amal says he knows just god and does not believe her and clears out. He comes to back home. Jaunty in Ranbeer’s body sees Amal and grins that sheep himself is coming to be relinquished. He strolls towards Amal and asks where did he go. Pari comes and says she has arranged Vikranth and Sayoni’s wedding card and gives them each. She gives a note to Amal that her better half is posessed by abhorrence soul and he knows malicious spirits can’t read. She inquires as to whether everything is appropriate in card. Rajbeer says it is fine. Pari then offers caard to Amal and demonstrates that it is distinctive card. Amal reallizes Rajbeer is posessed by fiendishness soul. Pari takes off. Aman gets perplexed that Pari is allowing him wiht wickedness to sit unbothered. He quietly leaves. Rajbeer gets him and inquires as to why did he come here, let us go out. Amal says he has some work. They both see Vikranth and Sayoni in an auto attempting to kiss. Rajbeer yells stop and reprimands Vikranth what is he doing with his sister. Sayoni says it was her slip-up and not Vikranth’s. Vikranth asks Rajbeer for what good reason is he calling Sayoni his sister. Rajbeer says Vikas resemble his sibling now, se he called Sayoni as sister.

Amal goes to hanuman sanctuary and supplicates. Pari comes there. Amal holds her feet and argues to pardon him. She requests that he tell what happened from the earliest starting point. He says Vikas and Jolly were adolescence companions. Vikas was persevering, yet Jolly was a rebel and womanizer. Vikas opened an organization with Amal, Santosh, Jolly and Kunal as accomplices. They every one of the 4 used to buckle down, however Jolly used to be behind ladies. He used to love Vikas’ sister as his own, so Vikas used to not let him know anything. Cheerful adored a young lady and began tormenting her when she dismisses him. Vikas faced and slapped him and told even that young lady is somebody’s sister and shows him out of organization. Sprightly furiously tries to blaze organization documents, however gets his hands smoldered. Vikas gets him captured, however he turns out and torments young lady once more.

Amid sangeet, Amal advises Vikas he needs to talk something imperative. Vikas says not presently, as of now 2 accomplices are missing and they both need to deal with game plans alone. Amal sees Rajbeer and gets anxious. Rajbeer draws close to him and he serenades hanuman chalisa. Nothing happens to Rajbeer. Rajbeer/Jolly then includes harm in juice and keeps it in plate. Ritu gives that juice to Amal. Amal drinks it and tumbles down with foam from his mouth. Entire family assembles around him. Daadi requests that Rajbeer get gangajal soon. Buoyant gets anxious apprehensive.

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