Kawach 5th November 2016 Full Episode 42

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Telecast Date: 5th November 2016
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Ritu and Kabeer appreciate alcohol. Kabeer acclaims that she is an awesome performer, she effortlessly caught Rajbeer and says she ought to do TV serials. Ritu says she doesn’t care for diligent work and working in movements when she can get income sans work by means of Rajbeer. He says what in regards to Pari, she knows our mystery. Ritu says her centrality in this house has vanished and on the off chance that she tries to meddle amongst her and Rajbeer, she may even lose her life. She advance says she is confounded in regards to Rajbeer that he in some cases draws close to her and somes flees. Shreya enters. They both change point and say they have settled infant pics for her with the goal that she can get a delightful child. Shreya says she needs a child like Kabeer. Ritu says he is monstrous. Kabeer goes about as getting irate… They all grin.

Rajbeer and family waith for

Sayoni and her family. A man Vikas comes and presents himself as Sayonn’s sibling and dad. Rajbeer asks who are individuals with him. He says they are his business accomplices and family. Rajbeer says he loved his temperament considering business accomplices as family and sister as little girl. He shakes hands and fixes hold. Bharath holds his shoulder and Rajbeer leaves Vikas’ hand. Bharath asks where is Sayoni. Sayoni enters and meets everybody. Bharath requests that hireling bring Rajasthan’s unique drink. Worker drops drink onn Vikas’ accomplice’s shirt and he yells that hireling spoilt his garments. Vikas apologizes and says his accomplice gets irate effortlessly. Bharath requests that every one of them sit. Ritu descends wearing mangalsutra and Jolly in Rajbeer’s body presents her as his significant other. Family is stunned. Pari comes and is stunned to hear that. Vikas asks who this lady. Ritu says she is visitor and will leave in 2-3 days from here and remarks a few visitors are bold to remain long. Rajbeer goes up and Jolly escapes his body. Rajbeer is confounded why is he remaining there. He goes to his Vikram’s room and prepares him. Vikram expresses gratitude toward him for altering partnership with Sayoni. Rajbeer shockingly asks is it. Vikram says, dad told he had altered organization together when he had gone a conference last time. Rajbeer stands amazed. Pari strolls towards passage. Ritu takes after her and inquires as to whether she needs more affront or will go from that point quietly. Pari says she knows he needs cash and she can give her whateve rmoney she asks and get her another house. Ritu chuckles that she doesn’t have house and is discussing gifting a house. Pari says once Rajbeer will know her genuine nature, he won’t extra her. Ritu gets desirous and hollers.

Chipper gets once again into Rajbeer’s body. Vikas’ companion Santosh leaves house to eat paan. Chipper in Rajbeer’s body gets his auto and asks Santosh where is he going. Santosh says to eat paan as he is habituated to have paan due one of his companion. Rajbeer says even he enjoys banarasi paan with gulkand. Santosh says how can he know and get into auto. Rajbeer drives imprudently and applies brakes. Vikas hits his head on hat. Sprightly inquires as to whether he is harmed and shows him out of auto. Santosh yells Rajbeeer have you gone distraught. Sprightly escapes Rajbeer’s body. Santosh is stunned seeing him and says he was dead. Chipper says he returned for him, gets his hand into Santosh’s mid-section and demolishes his heart. Santosh bites the dust. He then covers Sanoth’s body and gets into Rajbeer’s body and drives back home. He goes to room and washes his hand. Vikas calls Santosh’s versatile and Rajbeer picks it and speaaks in Santosh’s voice that he got a call from office and went and requests that him not stress and complete Sayoni’s marriage well. He discusses Jolly and Vikas cautions not to discuss him. Pari hears his discussion. He sees Pari and begins his typical dramatization and tortoring her.

Jaunty in Rajbeer ‘s body then does a reversal to lounge room. Daadi requests that panditji settle marriage date. Pandit says muhurath is following 5 days. Vikas’ companion scoldss pandit. Vikas concurs for marriage following 5 days. Companion says they will discover an inn for 5 days till then. Bhaath says they can remain in his toilet and requests that Vikram indicate them latrine. Rajbeer embraces Vikas and fixes hold. Vikas feels it. He goes to latrine and calls Santosh more than once. His companion says Santosh absconded so effectively.

Pari then strolls up towards Rajbeer’s room. Ritu stops her and says she is indecent to remain in Rajbeer’s room in the wake of losing him. Pari says she is bold rather to remain here without marriage and her show won’t work long. Ritu intentionally tumbles down from stairs and shouts Pari pushed her. Jaunty escapes Rajbeer’s body and chuckles that Ritu is a larger number of kamini than him. Rajbeer reproves Pari. Ritu lies that Pari hollered that she took her better half and now needs to consume even space. Rajbeer tells Ritu that she will remain in his room and advises Pari in the event that she needs to remain in rooom, then he will remain to another stay with Ritu. He takes Ritu to his room and Ritu demonstrates her fake love. Rajbeer says he needs some time and leaves. Ritu vapor he needs time to consider Pari.

Pari watches CCTV footage to check what happened entire night. She sees Santosh leaving house and taking a gander at somebody. She strolls quickly to check. Natasha holding laddo thali calls Pari, however Pari does not listen. Ritu uproariously remarks Pari affront well known TV serial on-screen character Natasha. Pari stops. Natasha asks Pari for what reason did she affront her. Pari clears out. Bharath tells Rajbeer that Ritu deals with family so well and is ideal for him, so he ought to separation Pari and wed Ritu. Pari leaves house and sees driver getting Rajbeer’s auto. Driver says Rajbeer had taken auto out and had dropped it on MG street because of no fuel, he requesting that he fill petrol and bring auto back, so he brought it. Pari takes keys and drives auto to MG street and thinks why Rajbeer came here, if Jolly is attempting to misdirect her. She sees a blood recolored watch and thinks whose it must be. She then observes lose mud and gets supicious.

Vikram and Sayoni’s engagement party begins. Ritu moves on Ye mera dil pyar ka deewana exotically. Vikas advises Rajbeer he is fortunate to have such a lovely life accomplice. Jaunty gets into Rajbeer’s body and begins hitting the dance floor with Ritu exotically. Pari on the opposite side burrows grond and discovers Santosh’s dead body. She achieves home hastily and sees Vikas and Aman and not Kunal. Kunal returns. Vikram and Sayoni trade rings everybody applaud. Daadi sees Pari and asks where is she, why she gives chance for individuals to revile about her. Pari strolls. Carefree pushes her on worker conveying juice and juice flals on Kunal. Kunal shouts on Pari. Ritu hollers at Pari that she is habituated to ruin individuals’ garments and shouts why did she come here with dirtied garments and requests that her go from that point.

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