Kawach 29th October 2016 Full Episode 40

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Telecast Date: 29th October 2016
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Ritu sits outside house on a seat feeling frustrated that she couldn’t get Rajbeer. Carefree comes there and says she looks exceptionally disillusioned and this must be because of adoration disappointment. She asks who is he. He says he can help her get back her adoration in the event that she helps him. She concurs. He proposes her to call Rajbeer and tell that goons have assaulted her. Rajbeer is with Pari who lets him know that he is controlled by malice soul who is constraining him to do wrong things. Ritu calls him and says a few goons have assaulted her. Pari says she should go about obviously. Rajbeer disregards her and leaves in his auto to spare Ritu. Ritu tears her shawl and tells Jolly in the event that she gets back Rajbeer, she will help him. Rajbeer comes there. Happy gets into his body noiselessly. Ritu walk child street alone. Rajbeer stops

auto, gets out and asks Ritu where are goons. She says they got away. He embraces her and grins. Rajbeer/Jolly then takes Ritu home.bRitu expels Hanumanji’s banner from primary entryway and gives Jolly a chance to go into house.

Happy takes Rajbeer to Saudamini’s sanctum. Saudamini solicits him to turn out from Rajbeer’s body as she has some work for him. He turns out. She gives her dark enchanted sword and requests him to cut Pari into pieces. Carefree says he won’t murder Pari until his objective is met. She hollers and tries to cut him, yet he escapes and secures her a little container and copies her boisterous exchanges. He giggles that no one can prevent him from utilizing Pari.

Happy enters back Rajbeer’s body cries embracing Ritu that Pari does not love he and needs to make tracks in an opposite direction from her. He embraces her over and over and smiles. He needs to give her additional opportunity. Ritu goes about as supporting him. Pari sees them embracing and hears their discussion. She goes to home sanctuary and cries… ..She discovers hanumanji’s banner on floor. She appeals to ensure her significant other, and so on… and afterward goes to her room. Sprightly in Rajbeer’s body comes there and argues to give him a possibility. She says she has chosen to free him from their marriage. He vanishes and begins his genuine conduct. She says she knew it was him. He cautions her to get private with him, else he will obliterate his family.

Rajbeer brings Pari down and educates family how Pari helped him. Shreya says she saw CCTV footage and observed that Pari spared her, she is certain she should have spare even uncle. Daadi says she knew it from beffore. Shreya inquires as to why did not she advise them. Daadi says everyone were furious on Pari and would have misconstrued her. Dapper in Rajbeer’ body tells family that he and Pari have chosen to give their marriage another opportunity. Family says it is a smart thought. Ritu and Kabeer are stunned listening to this. Rajbeer touches Daadi’s feet. Natasha requests that Pari touch Daadi’s feet. Pari touches. Natasha jokes to go and have some good times and develop their family. Sprightly escapes Rajbeer’s body and stands aside giggling. Rajbeer stands befuddled when family salutes him for considering giving a second change to his and Pari’s marriage. Rajbeer goes to specialist who says he is experiencing a mental condition and endorses drugs.

Carefree in Rajbeer’s body then retreats to room and tries to get close with her. She pushes him. He escapes Rajbeer’s body and stands aside snickering. Rajber is stunned seeing himself on floor. Ritu goes by and goes about as worried for Rajbeer and yells at Pari in what manner would she be able to push Rajbeer. Pari apologizes Rajbeer, yet Rajbeer yells he couldn’t think she could push him and exits with Ritu. Happy giggles on Pari and says on the off chance that she doesn’t consent to get cozy with him, he will send Rajbeer to Ritu. He says she ought to come to him by night.

Ritu begins demonstrating her fake sympathy toward Rajbeer and mentally program Rajbeer against Pari that he adores Pari, however she doesn’t love him. At whatever point he is with her, he will be so hapy and when he is with Pari, he is constantly troubled. He asks what… She says yesterday he had gone to her and they were glad and shows pics Rajbeer is stunned and says he doesn’t knw what is occurring and demonstrates specialist’s solution. He says he needs to leave from this for at some point and will go to Panchameshwar business trip. Ritu demands to take him along and he hesitanly concurs.

Pari calls Rajbeer’s number. Sprightly comes and says telephone is with him. Pari asks how could he have been able to he get Rajbeer’s telephone. Sprightly says when he can get into Rajbeer’s body, he can get anything. He says Rajbeer has gone to Mahabaleshwar with Ritu and even moronic individuals will sentiment in Mahabaleshwar. He cautions her to get to him by 9 p.m., else she knows the results.

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