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Devanshi 20th October 2016 Full Episode 14

Video watch online Devanshi 20th October 2016 New full Episode 14 of Colors TV serial Devanshi all Episodes by Colors TV. watch Devanshi Episode 14 Download online Youtube.

Video Source: Dailymotion
Telecast Date: 20th October 2016
Devanshi Distributor: Colors TV

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Devanshi twentieth October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode begins with Nutan saying she will take class of everybody. A kid eats banana and tosses the peel. Devanshi inquires as to whether anybody tumbles down then, why did you toss peel on ground. He requests that her mind her business. Nutan comes and gets out hireling. She ventures on banana peel and tumbles down with all the flour over her. Her child takes her pic. Devanshi helps Nutan. Nutan’s child Golu calls her phantom. Nutan admonishes her child and asks Devanshi what is she doing here. She pulls Devanshi’s ears for tossing peel here. Golu says Devanshi has tossed peel. Devanshi says I didn’t toss it, you are remaining in Kusum’s home and lying. Nutan requests that her do seva else I will toss you out, clean this room in 5mins, come Golu, eat something. Devanshi clears the room and picks flour.

Rajjo comes and Devanshi

surmises her. Rajjo asks how could you have been able to you distinguish me by voice. Devanshi says I recognized by great substance. Rajjo requests that who asked you do this. Devanshi says floor ruined by my hands, so I thought to clean. Rajjo says there are numerous hirelings, you don’t have to do this, did you come to do this, you came to serve Maiyya. Devanshi says yes, where is kitchen. Rajjo says on the off chance that anything makes you do any work, tell Rajjo. Devanshi asks Rajjo. Rajjo says yes, its my name. Devanshi grins and reviews Ashutosh’s words. She runs and embraces Rajjo cheerfully.

Devanshi says so you are Rajjo, he will be exceptionally upbeat. She runs. Rajjo says what did she say. Sarla gets Ashutosh’s call. Ashutosh gets some information about Devanshi and Sakshi. Sarla says they are not at home, they would play outside, concentrate on work and return soon. He says fine. Pandit requests that the man keep bhog. He requests that Nutan call Gopi, they will begin puja. Devanshi supplicates. She takes laddoos. Nutan requests that her stop. Devanshi stands infront of symbol and power goes. A light shows up and Devanshi is seen. Pandit gets stunned seeing her and welcomes her. He says Jai Ghungroo Wali Maiyyam this young lady looks Maiyya’s symbol. Nutan asks what are you saying, how could she touch bhog. She reproves her and requests that her leave.

Devanshi goes. Nutan says this is Sarla’s little girl, she can’t be Maiyya’s symbol. Mohan gets a call and the man requests that he return cash. Mohan requests that he tune in. The man closes call. Mohan says what should I do now to return cash. He goes to Ishwar and solicits him what will you do from this chain, offer it to me. He takes the gold chain. Ishwar spits all over. Mohan slaps Ishwar hard. Devanshi comes that way. Mohan makes Ishwar tumble down from the bed. She sees individual wearing brilliant kada, grabbing the gold chain. She asks who is there. Mohan runs. Devanshi yells. Rajjo and Geeta come. They ask how could this happen. Devanshi says a cheat had come, I will get him. Rajjo and Geet make Ishwar lie on the bed. Nutan comes and asks what happened. Geeta says somebody took the chain. Nutan says somebody has stolen 10 tola chain, who let you know. Geeta says Devanshi said and has pursued cheat. Nutan says no, Devanshi has fled with chain, get her. Devanshi runs and crashes into Kusum. She grins seeing Kusum.

She takes Kusum’s favors. She sees the red bangles and gets frightened. She begins yelling no. Rajjo comes. Kusum asks what happened to this young lady. Rajjo says somebody has stolen chain from Ishwar’s neck. Kusum gets stunned. Sarla says I m stressed for Devanshi, she is at Kusum’s home, spare Devanshi from each issue.

Devanshi tells Kusum that she didn’t take the chain. Nutan says don’t go on her guiltlessness, destitute individuals swindle. Gopi says chain got stolen once Devanshi came. Nutan says she got insatiable seeing the cash, Ishwar can’t talk, so she has stolen chain. Devanshi denies it. Nutan says I will make her concur. Rajjo says listen to young lady. Nutan says there is one approach to make her privilege. She slaps Devanshi and asks where is chain. Devanshi says I didn’t take, that man wearing bangle has stolen chain, I didn’t see his face, however he has tall. Kusum reviews Mohan and gets stunned. Gopi asks do men wear bangles, why are you lying. Kusum believes was it Mohan. Nutan says Devanshi is making stories, she has stolen chain.

Devanshi requests that Kusum give her one shot, she will discover the hoodlum. Nutan asks Kusum will she give possibility, or rebuff her for taking in Mata Kusum’s home. Kusum closes eyes and acts. She requests that Devanshi come, I consent to you, substantiate yourself blameless. Devanshi goes to Ishwar and says somebody called me cheat surprisingly, I felt awful, you know I m great young lady, not a criminal. Ishwar signs. Devanshi grins and gets a thought. She requests that he wink once to say yes, and wink twice to say no. Ishwar concurs. Devanshi says now I will discover the criminal name. Rajjo composes name of everybody on a paper and asks Devanshi what will she do. Devanshi says you will know in some time. Devanshi advises names to Ishwar to know who is the hoodlum. He signs no to the hirelings. She gets some information about Mohan. He winks once. She asks Mohan? He signs yes. She grins.


Devanshi says Kusum that Mohan is cheat. Kusum asks Ishwar, and says Mohan is not hoodlum. Nutan requests that they check Devanshi now. Sarla and Omi stress.

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